Pecenongan Fodder (part 3): Martabak Pecenongan 43

A trip to Pecenongan is never complete without having the martabak (Indonesian pancake) for takeaway. Martabak is a favourite supper fodder for the locals, despite its jaw-dropping calorie-content, (no) thanks to the slab of butter, margarine & fillings used! That is why most of them (at least the famous ones) are only open for business after sunset, all the way until the wee hours of morning.

Having grown up only knowing one martabak stall in Pecenongan, I now realize how naive I was. Firstly, there are at least 4 martabak vendors on this street alone. Secondly, I've always thought that Martabak Pecenongan 65A Bandung Asli is the best martabak ever. But tonight, that conviction is being challenged after I've tasted No. 43...

Located on the same street as the 2 stalls in the previous posts, Martabak Pecenongan 43 is quite easy to find, which is just 2 stalls next to Sop Kaki & Sate Kambing "Krekot". I was intrigued when a friend told me that 43 is better than 65A, so I decided to test her statement.

The menu is quite basic, here's the summary:
Martabak Manis (sweet pancake) - choose either 
  Ø Biasa - more Blue Band than Wijsman
  Ø Spesial - more Wijsman than Blue Band, hence more expensive.
  Ø  Tipis - crispy thin, dry pancake
        Choice of filling: cheese / chocolate / cashew nut / peanut / sesame / banana

Martabak Telor (savoury pancake)
  Ø Biasa
  Ø Spesial
        Choice of filling: beef or chicken

In short, the differences between 43 and 65A are:
43's sweet pancake is not very sweet, because they pack less volume of fillings (aka: pelit), hence you won't feel sick quickly from eating more than a few slices. Plus, I personally believe that 43's is more doughy & tender.
43's savoury pancake is thicker, more fluffy and less salty, so you can eat more of it, without the need to guzzle lots of water to neutralize the salt in your mouth.
43 is slightly cheaper (only by about IDR 5,000 - 10,000)
65A has more combinations of fillings that 43 doesn't have such as: raisins, corned beef, mushrooms, tuna, etc.

If you ask me which one I'd prefer? maybe I'd say 43, because in my most biased opinion, the sweet pancake tasted better than 65A. But if I want the savoury pancake & I want out-of-the-ordinary fillings like mushroom + chicken, I'll go for 65A. So, suit yourselves folks! ;)

The Pecenongan culinary adventure to be continued...

*) No Tax & Service Charge. Only for takeaways.
If you see this leaning sign, then you're at the right place!
Preparing several martabaks at a time...
Recognize the box...
Martabak Telor Spesial Daging Ayam IDR 55,000
Martabak Manis Special: 1/2 Choco-Cashew IDR 40,000 & 1/2 Cheese  IDR 35,000 | Whole box  = IDR 75,000
Martabak Pecenongan 43
JL. Pecenongan Raya No. 43
Open Hours: 6 PM - 12 AM


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