Pecenongan Fodder (part 2): Kedai Sate Babi Krekot

The next pitstop in our Pecenongan Fodder is Kedai Sate Babi Krekot, which is located right across Alila HotelIt was Wednesday evening, around 7 PM wen we arrived the area, as usual, there was traffic jam, especially near the Redtop Hotel stretch, luckily, it quickly dissipated. 

As I walked almost the entire stretch of Pecenongan, I saw a few stalls offering Sate Babi (pork on skewers), but this stall, Kedai Sate Babi Krekot was particularly packed. I noticed that most of the customers were Chinese, but there were non-Chinese as well. Especially since any other stalls around it was virtually vacant. So it was quite an obvious hint about the place...

Basically, there are 3 main items offered here. They are:
Sate Babi (lean pork on skewers)
Sate Kulit (pork rind or skin on skewers)
Bakut (pork bone tea soup)

I want to comment on the price first, which is quite steep for street food standard. It cost IDR 50,000 for 10 skewers of lean pork! Other street foods that I've had in my life had never fetched such an expensive price tag. Is it because it is pork? The expensive rental fee? Or something else?

This version of pork satay doesn't use peanut sauce like most satays do. Instead, the seasoning uses mainly sweet soya sauce and a sort of light brown flakes, that I suspected as ground dried shrimp (ebi). But it didn't have that pungent fishy smell that ebi usually has, so I'm totally clueless. A reader later enlightened me that the "brown strand of beauty is galangal (lengkuas), a common condiment for sate babi manis". Thanks a LOT whoever you are - too bad he/she is too shy to leave a name =(  To add more zest in the satay, squeeze a dash of lime that comes served with it. Good thing is that the pork is lean, no crunchy or chewy chunks that I'd usually take the pain to separate in other satays I've had before.

Final verdict: this is certainly not the best pork satay in Jakarta. But if you're around the area and crave for pork, just go ahead! =)

The Pecenongan culinary adventure to be continued...
*) No Tax & Service Charge. No takeaway charge. You are not expected to tip.
Lookout for this sign
It's packed! Lucky we had ours as takeaway.
The efficient kitchen
Pork Satay IDR 50,000 for 10 skewers
Kedai Sate Babi Krekot
JL. Pecenongan Raya (exactly opposite Alila Hotel)
Ph: 081510894113
Open hours: 5.30 PM - 12 AM


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