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Just last week, Jakarta welcomed a new addition to its vibrant culinary scene. The Paradise Group from Singapore has so far expanded to Malaysia and Indonesia, with brands such as Taste ParadiseParadise Pavilion, Seafood Paradise, Canton Paradise, Paradise DynastyParadise InnKungfu Paradise and One Paradise. Shanghai and Bangkok will join the "Paradise" experience by the end of 2012 (*as stated on the website).

For your information, those that I just underlined above are the ones already available in Indonesia. Beginning with Paradise Dynasty which opened in June 2011 and then Taste Paradise end of 2011 and finally this year in June 2012: Paradise Inn. But Taste Paradise is the only one that isn't managed by Boga Group (which already has brands like Pepper Lunch, Bakerzin, Ten-Ten, Paradise Dynasty and Bakerin Artisan Bread under its belt).

So what are Paradise Inn's specialties? Here are the summaries:

Floral & Herb Infused Hot Tea
You could choose from the 4 types of Floral & Herbal Infused Hot Tea selection.The one I tried was a mix of Jasmine, osmanthus, dried longan and chrysanthemum, which is supposed to nourish the heart and spleen, improves the immune system, and strengthens the eyesight. This one tasted mildly and naturally sweet, perfect for health-concious diners.

Double Boiled Soups
If you’re Chinese and you crave for a homey  double-boiled, with pork bones, then you should try Paradise Inn's Double-boiled soups. The price tag ranges from IDR 108,000 - 128,000 /pot and it can be shared among 2 – 4 people. I tried the Double Boiled Sea Whelk with Spare Ribs and Chinese Yam, which is believed to improve eyesight, maintain youthfulness and nourish the kidneys and lungs. Honestly, I’m not very convinced about the maintaining youthfulness claim, but it surely maintained my stomach full for hours after drinking the fragrant soup.

Pork dishes
Unlike Paradise Inn's competitor: Din Tai Fung, which, upon entering the Indonesian market, succumbed to the lure of pocketing greater profit by making its menu pork-free. Don’t get me wrong here, because I have no malintentions against Halal, but I have respect for a place that stays true to its identity. Good thing that Paradise Inn doesn’t fall into the same pattern. So you can find pork ribs, spare ribs, pork bones soup, pork trotters, pig stomach, you name it!

Will the paradisiacal  invasion stop at Paradise Inn? Whoever knows? Jakarta diners will always welcome new concepts to tempt our taste buds, won't we? ;)
Jasmine, Osmanthus, Dried Longan & Chrysanthemum IDR 25,000
Crisp-Fried Fish with Preserved Bean Paste IDR 68,000
Crisp-Fried Seafood Roll in Wasabi Mayo sauce IDR 48,000
Teochew style Crisp-Fried Prawn Roll IDR 48,000
Crisp-fried Crystal Prawns tossed with Butter & Cereal IDR 78,000 (small)
Double Boiled Sea Whelk with Spare Ribs & Chinese Yam IDR 128,000 /pot
Sweet & Sour boneless Pork Ribs
Sauteed Venison with Black Pepper IDR 88,000 (small)

Supreme Seafood Fried Rice IDR 48,000 (small)
Braised Hor Fun with Beef in Black Bean Sauce IDR 48,000 (small)
Egg Claypot Tofu
Traditional Dessert Selection IDR 22,000 - IDR 58,000 /portion
Paradise Inn
Plaza Indonesia Basement Level #25 – 27A
Ph: (021) 2992 3848 / 2992 3849
Open Hours: 10am – 10pm , Facebook , Twitter


  1. agreeedd, say YES to PORK!! hahaha.. love your blog and your great review :))

    PS : kalo sempet mampir juga yah ke blog ku, thank you :)

  2. too bad it was closed early. wanted to try this last week but it was almost closed. maybe next time :)

  3. kemaren dah coba.. lumayan juga :)

    1 yg kurang oke itu... nasi goreng yangchownya.. mirip nasi goreng tek tek tapi pake lapciong

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