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This was probably one of the more exciting food tasting I've ever attended so far! After teasing our palates with Edamame, Mazeru Salad and Fujiyama Roll, the next program was watching the live sushi-making show by Sushi Mori's sushi chef. Next, 3 of us volunteered to compete in making a personalised sushi, they were Jenny, Selba & Mrs. Jajan. The Sushi Chef, who judged, said that Selba's, arranged like a flower (hana), was the prettiest one. But he chose Jenny's as the winner because, taste and texture wise, it was better than the others'. Mrs. Jajan's sushi was equally unique, arranged like a cute mickey mouse in a flowery garden. =)
Sushi Mori at Central Park, West Jakarta, is a sushi restaurant that is originally from Surabaya, East Java. East Java is famous for the people’s taste preference, which tends to be sweeter than average. When Sushi Mori first came to Jakarta, one of the owners, Amanda Kumala, explained that they needed to adjust the original menu to match the taste preference of the customers in Jakarta.

Creativity thrives well in a free environment. That’s the philosophy that the management in Sushi Mori Jakarta practices. And it has encouraged the sushi chefs in Jakarta to create some interesting twists, adding more to the hall of fame of fusion sushi. For example, the Snow Crab Narudo Roll (crab stick, tobiko and avocado rolled in cucumber, instead of rice) and Ebi Osaka (prawn tempura, crab stick and cheese rolled in omelette). 

Also recommended: the Yaki Sake, baked salmon and crab stick that is soft inside and crunchy outside.

Witnessing for myself how the chef meticulously crafted the Snow Crab Narudo Roll, I truly appreciate the art of sushi-making and the most fundamental ingredient: patience and tons of practice to master the art of peeling the cucumber all the way to the core to make a continuous thin rectangular layer of cucumber. 

Arranging of the filling requires skill too, it must neither be too full nor too little. Any hollow must be filled with additional filling (the chopped crab stick). When rolling the whole thing together, you use the bamboo rolling mat that is lined with a plastic film to prevent sticking. Even rolling itself takes skill, slowly but surely, and with just the right amount of pressure to prevent over-compacting the sushi.
Mazeru Salad (chuka hotate, iidako, kurage, wakame) IDR 50,000 
Fujiyama Roll - smoked salmon, scallop, crab stick IDR 60,000
Edamame IDR 14,000
Snow Crab Narudo Roll (crab stick, avocado, tobikko) IDR 58,000
California Roll
Sashimi Platter
Sake Enoki 
Yaki Sake IDR 48,000
Volcano Roll
Tori Katsu Teriyaki IDR 30,000
Selba, Mrs. Jajan & Jenny rolling their sushi

Jenny, Mrs. Jajan & Selba's personal sushi creations
Ice Cream Cheese Cake
Matcha Ice Cream
Binggrae's signature red bead-vanilla ice cream
Sushi Mori
Jakarta: Central Park lower ground #115 | Ph: +62 21 56985255
Surabaya: JL. Dr. Soetomo 97 E | Ph: +62 31 5688041
DELIVERY HOTLINE: +62 21 5698525 (free Delivery charge for Apartemen Mediterranea area)
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  1. This restaurant is a disgrace of Japanese food. Go here if you are a bogan. I tasted and walked.



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