Mille Crepe: Layers of Sweet Goodness

Mille crêpe literally means thousand crêpes in French. It is actually a French cake made of many layers of alternating delicate crêpes and cream or custard. Although there are also some patisseries claiming this dessert as Hokkaido Thousand Layer Cake, they are essentially the same.
Pancious Orange Suzette with Chocolate Ice Cream IDR 38,500
Pancious Orange Suzette with Vanilla Ice Cream
I came across this type of crêpe cake for the first time a few years ago. Back then, Japan & Taiwan's popular luxury cake could only be found in a few select restaurants in Jakarta, supplied by First Love Patisserie. As far as I know, today mille crêpe can be bought at Pancious and First Love Patisserie's (recently-opened independent outlet) in Plaza Indonesia. Hurrah! So what's the difference between the two?


Pancious only offers limited flavour, the one I tried was Orange Suzette. The alternating stack of 20 thin and delicate crepes and soft whipped cream was topped with orange slices and your choice of ice cream. Whereas First Love Patisserie has more flavours such as blueberry, strawberry, cheese, cookies & cream, tiramisu, green tea, chocolate, etc. If you click on its page, all the photos look so very tempting!


Pancious' Orange Suzette comes with orange slices, orange syrup and topped with a scoop of ice cream of your choice. The price is IDR 38,500 / portion. Meanwhile, I bought First Love's mille crêpe in 2010 at Dante Coffee inside Mall Kelapa Gading 3 for IDR 26,000 (price might have changed since then).

Which one is better? You shall decide ;)

*) Photo from First Love Patisserie is not available yet. Will update soon.

Pancious Pancake House
Plaza Indonesia Level 5 Unit E06 – E08
Ph: (021) 390 6817
For location of other outlets, click here

First Love Patisserie
Plaza Indonesia Level 3 E301-1
Ph: (021) 3623 2828
First Love cakes are sold per slices at these outlets:
- Dante Coffee-Mall Kelapa Gading 3 and Pluit Village
- Noodle Cafe-Mall Taman Anggrek
- Kitchenette-Plaza Indonesia
- Basillico-Gandaria City


  1. For a mille crepe I recommend Champ Patisserie. Located at Pasar PIK the one near the Tzu Chi School. They have 4 flavors if I'm not mistaken. Vanilla, Oreo, Choc, original. my favorite is the vanilla one, and it cost about 29k rupiah each. :)

  2. Never go to First Love Patisserie before, but because you I think I visit them right now, haha...

  3. Kayaknya mille crepe ini dulu sempet ada di sushi tei, tapi ga tau skrg masih ada atau ngga hehe

    don't forget to visit my blog -->

  4. @andy: Champ Patisserie! Noted, thanks for sharing...always welcome tips & suggestions about new places to find good food =P

    @Melly: Yes, you should try it. After a few years they now finally have an independent outlet

    @Inez: I had this at Sushi Tei Central Park as well, but I wasn't sure if it was made by the Sushi Tei or maybe supplied by some other bakeries.

  5. Hi Ellyna!
    Can't wait to try it, looks delicious :D

  6. Hi Chic Eater! Thanks for dropping by=)

  7. yeah...i love this cake!! i had tried First love patisserie, its just Awesome!!



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