Mbah Jingkrak Setiabudi: a Green Respite in The Midst of Office Jungle

Setiabudi area is packed with commercial spaces and office buildings. After sitting in recycled, dry and artificially conditioned air, you'd surely welcome the chance to sit outdoor breathe in fresh air under the cool shades from the trees or the canopy. From the outside, Mbah Jingkrak Setiabudi looks just like any other restaurants nearby, nothing eye-catchy except for the elderly statue, prancing.

Upon entering, a display of complimentary jamu (Javanese herbal drinks) are available for you to pick. I had the Kunyit Asam (supposed to be good for the ladies). Then a few steps away, is an array of trays displaying assorted Javanese dishes from vegetables, to chicken and seafood. I had a tough time picking which to eat, because I wanted to try a little bit of each. Supposedly, you can choose either nasi kuning (yellow rice) or plain, but at that time (after office lunch time), they had run out of the yellow one.

The rear part of the restaurant is the most attention grabbing! every inches of space seems to be occupied by some sort of decoration, models, miniatures or any vintage knick-knacks and collector's items (which I believe, must belong to the owner). Fascinating! Further back is a semi outdoor and fully outdoor dining area, with an unused swimming pool intersected by a wooden bridge. Thanks to the shade provided by the large trees around, our lunch outdoor on such a hot day was still bearable without any electronic fans around.

Food wise, I really have nothing to complain...sadly, nothing to praise either. Maybe I didn't pick the specialty dish. But one thing for sure, is that Tommy truly enjoyed eating here, he loved both the food and the place. Perfect combo! I would love to come back again some time to try out its curious dessert and beverages.

Curious enough, there are plenty of signs at the outdoor area to encourage the guests to smoke after their meals. While I personally am not impressed by this, I guess this is one of the charms of Mbah Jingkrak. Fortunately it's an outdoor setting, so the smoke fume will not interrupt other guests' meal time.
Mbah Jingkrak's trademark statue
Take your pick!
Outdoor Dining Area: Green & Calm
The owner's collection of unique knick-knacks
Nasi Putih IDR 5,500 | Ayam Grandong IDR 17,000 | Kering Tempe IDR 7,000
Oseng Labu Siam IDR 8,200 | Oseng Kacang Jagung Tongko IDR 9,200 | Telor Bacem IDR 5,000 
*) All prices are subject to 10% Tax

Mbah Jingkrak Setiabudi
JL. Setiabudi Tengah 11
South Jakarta
Ph: +62 21 5252605


  1. Love the look of the place. modern, yet still maintaining some traditional points. your food looks really good too as well :)

  2. nyokap gw suka banget sm mbah jingkrak secara dia penggemar pedes.. Yang mesti dicoba ayam rambut setan soalnya cabenya bener2 nempel di tangan dan pedes banget... Dia bilang dari abis makan sampe pulang kerumah pedesnya masi berasa, pas buat penggemar makanan pedes... :) Nice review

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  4. @irene: thanks. It was yummy indeed!

    @vebbi: Wah, kita hampir nyobain ayam rambut setannya, tapi karena yang ini ada bumbu kacangnya, jadi milih ayam grandong deh =P



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