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Umaku Sushi at Alam Sutera hosted a food tasting last Saturday. It was an unusual session, as instead of serving everyone the same menu, they made it into a games, which at the same time enriched us with unknown histories about Japanese cuisine. Everyone was given a cue card with pictures and told what food is associated to the clue. We were supposed to guess the connection between the picture and the food associated. Mine was The picture of a Chinatown gate and the food is Sake Kabutoyaki (Grilled Salmon Fish Head). Can you guess the connection? I couldn't, despite seeking the aid of Mr.Know-it-all (Google). LOL. I gave up and waited for someone else to answer. Haha.
Umaku Alam Sutera
Turns out the tradition of eating fish head was not originally done by the Japanese, although the flesh on the fish head is supposedly the most tender part of the salmon. It was the Chinese who introduced this custom to the Japanese, and today, we have at Umaku, the tender & rich Sake Kabutoyaki. Honestly, I've never imagined myself to ever eat a fish head, but this one is an exception and one that I do not regret, because it taste really good and certainly healthy. =)

Another interesting fact (that I still remember) is the Karai Ramen (spicy ramen), which is said to have its origins from Hokkaido, a very cold island in northern Japan. Supposedly the spicy noodles would warm the body against the cold weather.

As I scanned the menu, Umaku serves a wide range of Japanese fares, such as Menrei (noodles), Fusion Roll (contemporary sushi rolls), Taki Mono (grilled), Age Mono (fried), Yaki Mesi (fried rice), Yaki Mono (grilled).  All the prices are reasonable, for the kind of fresh food and seafood you can enjoy here.

Last but not least, I'd like to thank Umaku Alam Sutera for graciously welcoming me, who actually crashed the food tasting on behalf of other fellow bloggers that couldn't make it.
Sake Kabutoyaki IDR 26,000
Tempura Moriawase IDR 35,000 | Chicken Teriyaki | Volcano Roll IDR 35,000
Karai Ramen IDR 35,000
Sake Yaki Mesi IDR 33,000 
Spider Roll IDR 37,000
Assorted Sashimi 
Umaku Alam Sutera
Ruko ASTC 10 no E9 (right across Flavor Bliss)
Ph: +62 21 943811633


  1. i have read so may reviews about this place, definitely giving it a try when I am back. Great review as always! :))



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