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I remember it was a nightmarish day at the office, the day I went to en Dining at Senayan City. So I called up one of my besties to catch up with her. Without any clear directions as to where to labour our tired body & mind, we somehow ended up at en Dining at the Crystal Lagoon area.
en Dining Senayan City's interior
The non-smoking indoors was a nice area to sit at, with high ceiling and staircases spiralling upwards that lead to the smoking area. Overall, it is a compact restaurant that makes good use and arrangement of space.
Tonkotsu Ramen IDR 70,000
Shiromi Crab Croquette IDR 68,000
Sweeet Banana Roll IDR 35,000
The Tonkotsu Ramen was not the best I've ever had (but definitely the most expensive so far). It was passable, I guess...a warm comfort food to soothe troubled mind. The highlight of my meal had been the Shiromi Crab Croquette that came with sweet and sour dipping sauce. I love the dessert we ordered that evening, which is the Sweet Banana Roll that came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of each and wrapped in soft bread. For me, bread and ice cream always make a deadly and sinful combo...but one that I always finish to the very last bite. =)

Dear bestie, thank you for being there for me through the rough time. That's what a girl friend is for. *hugs

*) All prices are subject to Pajak Restoran and Service Charge

En Dining Japanese Restaurant
- Senayan City | Crystal Lagoon Area, Lower Ground Floor | Ph: +62 21 72781603
- Plaza Indonesia eX Entertainment X'nter | 2nd Floor | Ph: +62 21 31990203
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- UE Square | #01-57 | 207 River Valley Rd | Ph: + 65 67352212
- Crown Centre | #01-14/16 | 557 Bukit Timah Rd | Ph: +65 64685710


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