Yellow Fin Sake Bar & Kitchen

Still-life photography is complex enough using a pocket digital camera. Now, imagine having to do that using a DSLR camera that doesn't have a 'live preview' feature and you only had an hour to adapt and learn the various functions of the camera! If you start to wonder if this is a food or photography blog, stop wondering as this is still your yummy Culinary Bonanza ! (only sometimes I like to rant about random stuff) =D

Upon setting foot at Yellow Fin, I started snapping away with the chunky-borrowed camera in hand. The PR Manager saw me snapping photos and thought I was from the media, but I told her I'm a blogger and she sighed in relief. Relief because it was OK for a blogger to review that place, but not OK if I was from any media, because Yellow Fin was not officially launched yet and she feared that I will bi*ch about any mishaps at the fledgling place. (uh...FYI, a Blog IS a media, madame!).

The menu is still rather limited and as the name suggests, the dishes on offer are Japanese. You can find quite ordinary items, like katsu, rice bowls, ramen, etc, nothing that I cannot get elsewhere (if not at a cheaper price and probably nicer setting). But I have to comment on the ramen that I had. The soup was rather sticky...Overall, I still prefer "that ramen" to Yellow Fin's version. I heard that the dinner menu was different than lunch, so you could try coming in the evening...who knows the food is better?

Curious enough, my greatest fun was visiting the restroom (!) LOL, yeah, if you look at the photo below, I suppose you won't mind spending more than the usual amount of time in this small yet cozy, brightly-lit & clean restroom.
Ladies Restroom
I concede that Yellow Fin makes a laudable attempt in adapting the Sake Bar concept. However, to make a truly memorable impression, I guess it still has to work on the menu or start making real efforts to position itself as THE sake bar in Jakarta.
Lunch Menu
Semi-Outdoor dining area
Chicken Katsu Teishoku (Lunch Set) IDR 60,000
Hot Tonkotsu Ramen (non-halal) IDR 55,000
Chicken Teriyaki Teishoku (Lunch Set) IDR 52,000
Yellow Fin Sake Bar & Kitchen
JL. Senopati Raya No. 42 (opposite Apotik Senopati)
Ph: +62 21 7220394


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