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Thai restaurants in Indonesia never disappoint my taste buds. We should acknowledge the fact that Thai & Indonesian food are similar, as both regions use a lot of exotic spices & herbs in the cooking. After dining at several places in Jakarta such as Kuppa Thai Restaurant, King of Thai and Lan Na Thai, I was yet again impressed by how these restaurants cleverly twist such original Thai dishes to suit Indonesian palates, which, in my opinion, use milder spices, but emphasise on the overall taste (ie: sweet, savoury, umami, etc).

Some of the food I had (and I would recommend these to you) were: Ke Nam Pang Nam Kung (fried shrimp cake with bread) served with hot and sweet sauce, Panang Kai (house special thick curry with chicken) and Pad Pak Ruam Mit (sauteed mix vegetables with oyster sauce, like Chinese cap cay). My favourite was the thick chicken curry, which was not too spicy, somewhat sweet but still savoury.

For such delectable food, the price tag is considerably fair, so I will definitely come back again for more =)

- Grand Indonesia Level 3A #FD 1 | Ph: +62 21 23580573

- Pondok Indah Mall 2 | 3rd Floor #334 | Ph: +62 21 75920867
- Senayan City | Lower Ground #08 B-C | Ph: +62 21 72781396

Cambridge City Square | Ground Floor #11 | Ph: +62 61 4577220

TownSquare Surabaya | Plaza Level #048-049 | Ph: +62 31 5634682, Jakarta, Indonesia

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hot Lemongrass Tea IDR 23,500
Pad Pak Ruam Nit IDR 30,500
Ke Nam Pang Nam Kung IDR 23,500
Panang Kai IDR 35,500


  1. Saya jarang makan thai cuisine, boleh deh kapan2 nyoba


  2. Wah, banyak banget resto Thai di Jakarta, wajib dicobain tuh satu2...hehe

  3. kalo disuruh pilih dari tiga resto Jittlada Thai Cuisine, Kuppa Thai Resto, sama King Of Thai, pilih yang mana?
    saya ingin mencoba kuliner Thai tapi bingung mau yang mana. hehe

  4. Aku akan rekomendasi Jittlada sih, kalo disuruh milih antara 3 itu =) Karena harganya masih pantes untuk rasanya yang enak...Moga2 saranku bermanfaat ya!

  5. OK sip, Jittlada.
    makasih sarannya :)



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