JAMOO @Shangri-La, Surabaya

Early this month, I had a work-trip to Surabaya, but only stayed there for 1 night, so couldn't explore any of the legendary local delicacies like the Soto, Rawon, etc. But as a consolation, I spent my night at the Shangri-La Hotel and for a culinary enthusiast like me, the breakfast would certainly be the highlight of my stay. With the kind help of Renny Herwanto, the PR of Shangri-La Hotel, I was introduced to the Executive Sous Chef. I didn't waste my chance and managed to secure a casual "chatting" appointment the next day with Chef Prihata.
The casual outdoor dining area
Indoor dining area
The next day came, I rose up early and headed down to the lower ground level, where JAMOO is located. The restaurant itself is divided into indoor & outdoor sections, with the latter overlooking the swimming pool adorned with lush greeneries. It was a perfect setting to enjoy Surabaya's fresh morning air with a cup of coffee and scrumptious breakfast, although I chose to sit indoor to avoid the sun that was shining more brightly as the hour passed. Have to say that I rather regretted it, because I dislike the fact that smoking indoors is allowed here (what's the point of having outdoor tables then?). Perhaps the Surabayan hospitality is too courteous to tell the inconsiderate patrons not to smoke indoors.

Cautiously, like a predator on the hunting ground, I strolled around the buffet stalls to get the overall idea of the entire ensemble. I do realize that I have limited space in my tummy, so I better be selective and pick the ones that are good. Haha, alright, enough suspense. Now, let the feast begin!

Fresh dairy station
Fresh bread & bakery station
The Hot station
My western platter: Blueberry smoothies, grilled zucchini, sausage & bacon, cheese, etc
Almost to the end of my Nth round, I saw Executive Sous Chef Prihata and hence we started our chatting session. Working in the hospitality F&B is really not an easy feat. Chef Pri told me that he once had to work 21 days without a single day to rest! Does he miss his family in Jakarta? certainly! But culinary is his passion, so never has the thought of quitting occurred to him.

Dining at JAMOO is considerably affordable, for a 5 Star standard, it costs IDR 98,000++, IDR 168,000++ and IDR 198,000++ for breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively. But, this is Surabaya after all,  where certain things are slightly more affordable than in Jakarta. Chef Pri also shared some useful insights like how the customers nowadays are more conscious about what they consume and there is a growing trend for healthy lifestyle. To catch on this trend, he to carefully prepare more healthy and fresh stations, with one of the highlights: the fruit smoothies. I had the blueberry one and it was delish!
The charming and amiable Excutive Sous Chef, Prihata
Other interesting finds was the Rawon, a specialty dish from Surabaya, that was served at breakfast. Although I didn't have the guts to try it (I know some people love it), I still can't quite accept the idea of a black-coloured broth running down my throat. The colour is actually a result from brewing the "keluak pits" with the other ingredients and spices. I know that I will try it someday, but I want to have the best Rawon before finally introducing it to my taste buds. =P

All in all, albeit a very short stay, I truly enjoyed the entire Shangri-La experience, with the generally courteous and helpul crews. And I would like to also extend many thanks to Lisa Gunawan, Renny Herwanto and Chef Prihata of Shangri-La Hotel, Surabaya. I Hope to be back again next time!

JAMOO at Shangri-La Hotel
JL. May. Jend. Sungkono 120
Surabaya - Indonesia
Ph: (031) 566 1550


  1. walahh jauh bener di surabaya... lol.. uuu i also love breakfast at hotels..

  2. Hehe...Hi 5! who doesn't like to start the day with an array of food to choose from ;)



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