Giuseppe Corica Pastries

Corica Pastries, which originated from Perth in Western Australia, is most famous for its Apple Strudels. I was introduced to Corica by the new friends I made at Super Steak, who told me that if I like apple strudels, then Corica is the best I can get. I was absolutely intrigued by that and decided to give it a shot. After all, one of the outlets in Jakarta was located just nearby.

Searching the address was not an easy task for me, as I was totally unfamiliar with Kebayoran Baru area. The darkness made things even more challenging. But along the way, I discovered that the streets are lined with interesting eateries and restaurants that I definitely would love to try someday. Finally, after the Nth wrong turns and stops (to ask for direction), I found it! Turned out the outlet is jointly located with an authentic Japanese restaurant.

Price wise, the single servings of Apple Strudel and Blueberry Strudel that I bought were not cheap at all (for my standards). Honestly, it didn't taste that exceptional to me (perhaps, because I hardly eat apple strudels, so there isn't any comparison that I could make). But I'm glad to have tried the (supposedly) best apple strudel around and I have no regrets. The crispy & paper thin pastry layer sandwiched the cream & apple slices. My verdict? I wished the cream & apple were more generous for the price they charged.

FYI: Corica not only sells apple & blueberry strudels, as you can see in the photo, they have wide selection of cookies and some cakes too. Around festive season, they even have a variety of parcels that you can buy for your dear ones.
Apple Strudel (1 Slice) IDR 48,000
Cookies in pretty jars by Corica
Giuseppe Corica Pastries
- JL. Sampit V No. 2 |Kebayoran Baru - South Jakarta | Ph: +62 21 7237418
- Plaza Senayan | The Foodhall, Lower Basement #SS 39 | Ph: +62 21 68462820
- Plaza Indonesia | The Foodhall, Lower Basement | Ph: +62 21 50660077
- Pluit Nano Reflexsi | JL. Pluit Selatan Raya No.24-30 | North Jakarta | Ph: +62 21 6600888
Open Hours: 9AM - 10PM


  1. harganya emank gila mahal nya tapi worth it sih :p dulu perna buka di daera pluit deket rumah en ketagihan gitu :p

  2. @Dr. B: Hehe...setuju! Untuk jajan sekali-sekali boleh lah, emang enak sih, cuma I wish they put more cream & apple/blueberry in the filling *dasar gw maruk wakakaka =P

  3. Gw juga suka banget sama yg namanya apple strudel, apalagi buatan Corica emang paling top deh, selama ini blm ada yg ngalahin XD

    P.S. Where do you live? Maybe we're actually neighbours? XD

  4. @pinkcherry: My house is just behind Bakmi GM (cabang JL. Gajah Mada). How about you dear? So are we truly neighbours? =D

  5. @Ellyna
    Oh you mean in "kota"? I thought your house is around Kebayoran area, judging from the sentences in your posts XD

    I'm around Senayan area, just behind Senayan City to be exact :)

  6. have to say ur blog has lots of improvements since last time i read about the pullman review

    the pics are more eye catchy...
    good angle.. good reviews...

    GOOD JOB! :)

  7. @duniabiru: Thank you for visiting my humble blog again. Hope to see you around more often ya. Cheers!

  8. this is my all-time-favourite strudel!
    even my mom bought the whole box strudel for my birthday and nobody can touch this until the box is empty. ahaha!

  9. @aline: Wah! dijaganya sampe segitu! LOL!

  10. Tried once in Pluit (jaman jebot dulu). Enak banget emang itu strudelnyaaaaa. :))

  11. Enak sihhh, tapi muahallll hahaha =P



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