once you try Super Steak, nothing else matters...

An unplanned sojourn to check out the town’s latest buzz turned into one heart-warming and unforgettable experience.

Have you ever been to a place, just by yourself. Then unexpectedly, you walk away happily and tummy-filled, with a couple of new friends and an inspiring story to tell? Here’s one such story that I think is worth sharing.

That evening, equipped with just Google maps on my mobile, I decided to try my luck. The house is tucked inside a housing complex, with meandering and rather deserted road. So I had to ask for directions every now and then. Turned out I was lucky that evening and found the house rather easily.

The place looked just like an ordinary house, had it not for the banner that stood outside. Nondescript and homey are probably the best words to describe the place’s feel. As I stepped inside, I was greeted by the owner’s father, Om Achmad, who was sitting with 2 other patrons. Later I found out that they are regulars here. We started exchanging small talks from across the tables, then I braved myself to ask if I could join them. They happily complied.
The simple & homey set up
It all began with a boy’s insatiable appetite for steak. The owner, Windu, whose university days back in the USA encouraged him to experiment and to test the steak recipes on his more-than-willing friends. After graduating with a degree in Creative Adertising, a few years later Windu sidetracked and decided to open a steak eatery right at the front porch of his parents’ home in Kebayoran Baru. The set up is unpretentious, with a few tables and chairs and a few open-air barbecue pits. Such set up enables patrons to take a peek at their meat loaves being grilled to perfection. On busy days (which is the case most of the time), they even have to set the tables beyond the gates.
Open Barbecue Pit
Preparing the classic Butter Garlic
What’s extraordinary about Super Steak is that they don’t use frozen potatoes or just any potatoes you find in the market. The potatoes are transported from the Dieng mountain and carefully prepared to maintain the quality of texture and taste, just like our thoughtful mums would do for us.
Wedges Cut Fries IDR 15,000
For the price you pay, you get quality home-made steak with one-of-a-kind flavours and sauces, such as Butter Garlic, Asian Delight, Beerloin, Honey Hot, Honey Herbs, Lemon Herbs and the latest addition: Lemon Herbs Part II and Cajun Delight. That evening my steak was 200gr Sirloin Angus with the classic Butter Garlic (it was one of the first flavours since Super Steak first opened) cooked medium. And then I tried my new friends’ which were both Asian Delight, but one was Super Black Angus medium, the other was Angus well done. Meat wise, the super black angus won hands down, it was so tender and juicy. I actually found myself liking the Asian Delight better, it was an exotic mix of sesame and other spicy herbs.
Asian Delight Steak
200gr Australian Angus, medium with Butter Garlic IDR 115,000
All the while having our steak, we chatted about different grades of meat, preparation techniques, what’s so different about Super Steak compared to other steak houses, etc. Admittedly, I’m not experienced in the steak culinary, so I found the conversation very enlightening. I came to learn a lot of new terms such as ‘marbling’, different grades, types, etc. It would be an insult to ask them to explain to a newbie like me, so I decided to go home and look it up myself…teehee.

Patrons here come from all walks of life: neighbours, friends, colleagues, expats, journalists, strangers who became friends, couples, etc. They all keep coming back not just for the unpretentious home-made steak, but also for the ambiance that I have to concede, hard to find elsewhere.

Super Steak started making its mark in the hearts of the fans since June 2011. Within less than a year, Windu was approached by one of the developers of Living World in Alam Sutera, the latest addition to Jakarta’s favourite and upscale hang out spots, to open the first branch there. The store is planned to open in February, so residents of Alam Sutera, brace yourselves for this meaty feast that’s about to rock your world!

Even the discerning tongues can’t resist Super Steak’s charm. When asked about other competitors, Windu mentioned that the chef at Rustique Grill & Wine at Plaza Senayan is in fact, one of his regular patrons. “I would always ask for his comments and to try out my new experiments”, quipped Windu. 

FYI: you can request for beef sashimi that Windu would personally prepare. This item is off the menu, so it’s not something anyone can have (now that's a luxury!). But availability is subject to their meat stock and if Windu is there.

And here's the menu, which I grabbed from the facebook page, just for your information.
Super Steak
JL. Dempo I No. 76 | Kebayoran Baru - Jakarta Selatan | Ph: +628176396255 | Open hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 6PM – 12AM
Living World Alam Sutera | Food Town, 2nd Floor | Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard Kav. 21 | Serpong, Jakarta
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