King of Thai

Fancy having some unpretentious carb-packed and savoury Thai dishes? Try King of Thai, which in my opinion is a glamour rendition of our all-time favourite mie or nasi goreng "tek-tek" (traditional street food vendor selling fried noodles, fried rice, etc). Actually the menu of King of Thai is not limited to just fried noodles or rice, there are other typically Thai dishes as well such as pineapple fried rice, veggies, curry, tom yum, etc.

We went there to have our post-Christmas holiday dinner, so we took Mum along. Surprisingly mum, who is a picky eater in her own ways, even conceded that she liked the Stir Fried Silver Noodle and the Thai Style Fried Rice. It's quite rare, as she lobs criticisms more often than praises when we take her dining outside, luckily not this time *huff! Oh, for non-seafood lovers, you can simply request them to replace with chicken.
Chicken Cashew IDR 37,000
Stir Fried Silve Noodle (Chicken) IDR 39,000
Thai Style Fried Rice (Seafood) IDR 37,000
Fish Cake (4pcs) IDR 28,000
Crispy Egg Noodle (Chicken) IDR 39,000
Left: Ice Lemon Tea IDR 19,000 - Right: Thai Iced Tea IDR 18,000
Overall, everything that we had were satisfactory, except for the Crispy Egg Noodle. The noodles were far from what I'd imagined. Well, it was crispy, but not the crunchy crispy, it's dry crispy. And there is a certain smell to the noodles too, as if it was no longer fresh.

After the hearty and big meal, I was still tempted to try the Thai-style dessert (ugh, the bane of being a sweet tooth! A meal feels incomplete without a sweet happy-ending =P) But these sweet treats are light and healthy. Now, feast on these:
Sweet Cassava (taro, cassava & yam with sweet coconut milk) IDR 19,000
Mango Dessert (1/2 sweet mango and sweet sticky rice with sweet coconut milk) IDR 25,000
The resto interior
- King of Thai Restaurant: Plaza Indonesia EX (Entertainment X'nter) | 1st Floor (next to Bowling alley) #12 | Ph: +62 21 3146086
- King Thai Kitchen: Mall Kelapa Gading | SOGO Food Hall | Lower Ground | Ph: +62 21 4524958

United States: San Francisco


  1. duuhhh mango with sticky rice nya enak kayanya ya.. rasanya gimana tuh, manis? great pics as always :)

  2. Thankiess deaar *hugs Mango sticky rice nya lumayan disajikannya hangat, tapi agak manis. Ketannya uda manis, trus santennya juga manis =( kalo menurut gw akan lebih enak kalo santennya gurih atau ketannya aja yg dibuat gurih. Mangganya jelas enak, seger & manies =P



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