Cafe Churreria Spanish Chocolateria

Are you sweet-toothed? A Chocoholic? Or just looking for a place to chill over some tastilicious dessert and beverages? Why not try Cafe Churreria, a Spanish chocolateria serving churros and other desserts? 
Churros Classic (4 churros + 1 dip) with Melted Dark Chocolate IDR 28,000
But wait, what is churros by the way? A churro is a piece of fried dough shaped in a corrugated stick, that originated in the Latin culture, where they're eaten as breakfast. Well, it's so yummy, dipped in dark chocolate like this one from Churreria, who can say no to such a breakfast? ;)

So this post shall be a collection of photos from my 3 visits to Churreria at its 2 outlets. I need to say nothing else, let these tantalizing pictures do the talking!

Black Forest Wonders IDR 34,000
Caramello IDR 34,000
Banana Boom! IDR 34,000
Oreo Galletas IDR 34,000
Passion Fruit Creme Brulee IDR 35,000
Lychee Blizzard IDR 35,000
Cado Coffee IDR 35,000
Cocoa Luna IDR 30,000
Summer Tea IDR 30,000
The cosy interior at the Central Park outlet
My recommendation is to come visit with a few friends so you can share and try each other's items. And if you come here for the first time, I'd recommend that you order the classic churros first, to try what it taste like in the original form.

Cafe Churreria Spanish Chocolateria

- Grand Indonesia Shopping Town | West Mall - Upper Ground #03A | Ph: +62 21 23581805
- Central Park | Tribeca Upper Ground unit 06 | Ph: +62 21 29200117
- Summarecon Mall Serpong 2 | 2nd Floor #211 | Gading serpong - Tangerang | Ph: +62 21 29310650
- COMING SOON Mall Of Indonesia (grand Opening on 13 Agustus 2012)


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