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Do you love mushrooms? As an occult fan on mushrooms, I love em fried, sauteed, stuffed, steamed, stir-fried, grilled and many other cooking methods. There are a lot of edible mushrooms out there, but I shall narrow down my favourites to truffle & portobello.

Why is this post related to mushrooms, you might wonder? Well, answer is I had one of the yummiest mushroom dish at Pizza Marzano:
Funghi Gratinate IDR 35,000
The Funghi Gratinate is made of portobello mushrooms and béchamel sauce, cooked gratin style. What is gratin by the way? it's a way of grilling food that is topped with cheese until the top layer is brown and crisp. The cream sauce tasted just perfect with the mushroom, I can't explain further, you just have to try it for yourself.
Mocha Piccolo IDR 25,000
Thinking that I could use some energy boost to stay awake that evening, I ordered the Mocha Piccolo. The whipped cream on top was really thick, so I stirred it into the coffee. At the end of my meal, I found my coffee very oily! Yuck, I promise never to mix my coffee with whipped cream anymore!

BUT, I was rather annoyed by the fact that the staff didn't attend to our table properly. Well, I know it was Friday evening, resto is packed, everyone's busy and hungry. But hey, we are paying too and what's more, my table was actually a big table (it was a small reunion with my friends). I hope Pizza Marzano will pay more attention to this and not disappoint in my future patronage.

Pizza Marzano (Grand Indonesia)
Lower Ground West Mall (The Food Hall)
Ph: (021) 235 80150
Facebook: Pizza Marzano Indonesia


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