Krispy Kreme Doughnut Cafe

Thanks to Sara from yummyfordummy for extending the invitation from Krispy Kreme Indonesia to the Foodie Blogger gathering, it was an honour to me! Admittedly, it was my first time to visit the recently-opened Krispy Kreme Doughnut Cafe at Central Park Mall, so I was really excited.

Upon arrival, we were privileged to order any drinks off the menu, I was told that the Mocha Marshmallow is KK's specialty, so I ordered this. Turns out this beverage was a treat to my sweet tooth! I love how the chewy marshmallow added some twist to the yummy Mocha. *Slurp!
The baristas busy making my yummy concoction
Mocha Marshmallow (small) IDR 30,000

Next, we were ushered into the "Doughnut Theater" where we witnessed the doughnuts being processed from flour dough at one end to become the Original Glazed doughnuts at the other end. The machine processing ensures that the doughnuts are hygienic and perfect. When I took a bite off the fresh-from-the-fryer Original Glazed doughnut, I swear it was as if the dough melted in my mouth! Nyum nyum!
Machine plonking out ring-shaped doughs
The Glazier Waterfall (Can I take a shower under it too? Haha)

Imagine this melting in your mouth!
Following that, we were introduced to KK's Baked Creations, which came in 2 variants: Kruffins (for sweet ones) and Pull-Aparts (for savoury ones). What's unique about the Baked Creations, is that they have similar texture to doughnuts, but they are baked instead of fried (healthier choice, people? =D). I was told that the popular flavours were Chocolate Banana for the Kruffin and Smoked Beef & Cheese for the Pull-Apart. So I literally pulled apart my choice of Baked Creation: the Smoked Beef & Cheese...tadah!
Smoked Beef & Cheese Pull-Apart IDR 15,000
When I heard that we could design our own doughnuts in the "Processing Theater", I was so excited! Nothing tastes better than the food you created yourself...teehee =P But, I realised that I ran out of any creative inspiration at the moment, so I made my Snowman doughnut to look like it's drinking a piping-hot Green Coffee! (Haha, notice the irony? one lethal sip and the snowman shall melt!)

And at the end of our hearty gathering, we were each presented a box containing KK's latest food variants: the Snowman Doughnut with Chocolate and Blackcurrant filling, Snowflake Doughnut with Custard filling, Chocolate Banana Kruffin and Smoked Beef Pull Apart. Thanks lots to Krispy Kreme Indonesia for organising and hosting this event, I shall look forward to posting future launchings from KK. =)

Oh, FYI, customers are allowed to mix n match your own doughnut creations, from the available mix of doughnuts, toppings & filllings. On weekdays, you can even enter the "Processing Theater", where you can design your own doughnuts just like what I did! Any aspiring doughnut designers out there? =D

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Cafe
Central Park Mall - Ground Floor
Ph: (021) 2920 0114


  1. why do you have to snap a close up of melt-in-your-mouth glazed donut? it's killing me.. :p
    i'd really love to design my own donuts! :D

  2.'s tempting ey? As I was writing it, I kept longing to have a bite of those warm tender doughnuts again! Pure Addiction! >,<"



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