Collage @Pullman Jakarta Central Park

Pullman Jakarta Central Park is a new 5 star hotel that belongs to Accor Hotels group, which is a world-renowned brand for quality hospitality services. Located in West Jakarta, Pullman diverted from the conventional posh and elaborate interior design, such as that you can find in South & Central Jakarta's 5 star hotels. Instead, Pullman adapts the Industrial raw concept, with pop art installations in its every corner.
The outdoor terrace dining area
Modern & contemporary interior
 The COLLAGE all day dining is an international buffet restaurant which (I think) is a formidable addition to Jakarta's international buffet dining scene. Why formidable? Firstly, because it is considerably cheap at IDR 190.000++/pax (compared to other 5-star Hotel buffet restaurants). Besides that, its location in West Jakarta is an advantage, as the booming offices in the area can now conveniently head up here to hold its meetings or office gatherings, instead of travelling all the way to South / Central Jakarta.

Bread Pudding
Axell: Vodka infused bubble gum
Praline Mousse
Chef de Cuisine in action!
Now now, let the suspense be relieved, shall we? Here's a sneak peak of what you can expect to see and eat at Collage:
Cold Appetizers

How I wished I could try out each and every single fare available! But we have to make choices in life, so I narrowed down my choice to these:

Recommended: Beef Shank slow-cooked over small heat for 72 hours
Recommended: Carrot Soup with Croutons
Last but not least, I'd like to thank Pullman Jakarta Central Park for inviting me and my fellow foodies: Anak Jajan , Eating Until Die , experience of a big hot tummy! , Good Food and Good Friends and Good Life , Ingredients of Life , Irene's Getting Fat! , JenzCorner , My journal,my life , Selby's Food Corner , Taste Buds to Share , The Gastronomy Aficionado , The Yummy Traveler , WANDERBITES! , Daniel deka & Corry Tjong to dine at its Collage all day dining last Wednesday 14 December 2011. It is an honour for me to personally interact with Pullman's charming and amiable General Manager, Director of F&B and Chef de Cusisine and the marketing team. I truly felt at home and relaxed dining at Collage. =)

COLLAGE all day dining
Pullman Jakarta Central Park
Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28

Jakarta 11470 – Indonesia

Tel: +62 (21) 29 20 00 88


  1. I missed out the shanks, soup, and the desserts. I also wished I could try each of everything! :D

  2. Hehe...iya, if only we have bottomless tummies! =P

  3. The post i've been waiting for! Indeed, pretty reasonable for 190k. Does this include bottomless cocktails?

  4. Dear Ellyna,

    Thank you for your wonderful review. What beautiful pictures you have managed to take. Yes we have to have bottomless tummies to try out the buffet elements at Collage.

    We are pleased to learn that you have had a great time.

    Dear Abraham,

    Greetings from Pullman Jakarta Central Park.

    190K is exclusive beverages as they start from 28K for tea, coffee and soft drinks. Reasonable prices for a five-star hotel.

    You could visit us at

    Stay in touch to you both and wishing you a fabulous Monday.

    Thank you and with best regards,

    Rita Elisabeth

  5. Dear Ms Rita, thank you for visiting my humble blog. It's an honour & pleasure for me to be invited =)
    And thank you for your explanation about the cocktail, it is indeed a brilliant idea to infuse sweets & candies in the cocktails! I hope to try more of them next time...

  6. @Ms. Rita:

    Thanks for the prompt reply, I'm looking forward to try The Collage myself. I might have to train my tummy first til then..heheh.

  7. A perfect place for vacation with family and friends especially this coming holiday season, Christmas!

    Pousadas Em Natal

  8. Upload dunk foto yg rame2 di facebook, biar bs di tag2 :D

  9. Sippo Anak Jajan! Will do so asap ya...soalnya lagi nanggung gosok onde-onde nih, kan besok hari Ibu...hehe

  10. Well, look who's learned fast and applied it quick. *smirk*

  11. They invited me, but I didn't come and now yeah I regretted, haha...
    Eh, itu beneran 190ribu buffetttt??? Makan itu sepuasnyaaa???

  12. @Melly: Iya itu sih harganya waktu itu hehe...takutnya sekarang udah naik ya?



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