Pandan Village, Plaza Indonesia

Last Saturday, on 17th December, I and a number of other fellow bloggers were invited to Pandan Village's first bloggers food tasting session in Jakarta. Pandan Village is a restaurant managed by FG Resto that serves authentic Indonesian home recipes. The tagline: "a taste of home recipes" is revealed in the dishes' rich flavours. It has so far opened 3 branches in Jakarta, after establishing 6 outlets in Surabaya's popular shopping malls, such as Tunjungan Plaza, Supermall Pakuwon Indah, etc. For further details on location, click here.

That evening I saw a myriad of crowds from families, to couples, to colleagues or business partners. It's a no wonder, as the outlet has free Wi-Fi hotspot, a flat-screen TV that plays videos to entertain kids, and the price is  very reasonable.

Now, let me tantalize your eyes and taste buds with the following photos I managed to capture:
Recommended: Tahu Kipas Udang Laguna IDR 32,000
Salad Borneo IDR 38,000
Recommended: Tahu Telor Pandan Village IDR 28,000
Recommended: Sambal Goreng Tongkol Manalagi IDR 45,000
Recommended: Ayam Bumbu Rujak IDR 35,000
Recommended: Gurame Bakar Nua Penida IDR 65,000
Recommended : Sate Ayam Suroboyo (6pcs) IDR 35,000
Sate Ayam Pandan Wangi (5pcs) IDR 38,000
Es Merah Delima IDR 25,000

Although personally, I'm not an expert in Indonesian cuisine, Pandan Village serves palatable dishes. Other senior bloggers shared with me, that the dishes served for us have dominant sweet flavour, which is very typical of East Java. As a sweet-toothed person, I surely have no problem with that, because even at home, I often requested my Mum to add sugar to her cookings.

Last but not least, thank you Pandan Village for inviting us to try its great home taste. Here's a photo taken at the end of the tummy-filling food-tasting:

Pandan Village
Plaza Indonesia 3rd Floor 118 B (next to Mi Item)
Pondok Indah Mall Area 51 2nd Floor No. 2
Emporium Pluit Mall 2nd Floor No. 40


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