(are you) Mad for Garlic

Garlic is probably something you want to avoid before meeting someone or before presentation at the office. It's a love-hate feeling with this notorious seasoning. While rich in good nutrients, the pungent and somewhat bitter taste undoubtedly repelled many of us (including me...well, in the past). Now as an observant diner, I've come to appreciate the significance of a clove of garlic in my dishes. So, in my effort to encourage you to give more credits that garlic deserves, this post will tempt you with delectable dishes made of at least 50% garlic. PS: Vampires, make yourselves at home! :)

Mad for Garlic, which opened earlier this year in Grand Indonesia, actually originated from Korea. So far it has opened branches in Jakarta and Singapore outside of Seoul. This place has a varied selection of wine, quite a fancy place to have dinner at.
Dracula Killer IDR 45,000
To start the meal, we chose the Dracula Killer, which was quoted as one of the favourites here. On the hotplate were sizzling garlic cloves in olive oil and anchovies, served with grated cheese. Simply sandwich the garlic cloves between the sliced-soft bread and add the cheese as you please. =) As I sank my teeth into the soft sandwich, I actually liked the taste and texture. Seriously, if I were a dracula, I won't mind having this as my last meal at all...haha! =P

Lychee Iced Tea IDR 25,000
Lucky the drinks were not somehow infused with garlic too (that would be overwhelming!). Lychee Iced Tea seemed like a good reprieve to prepare for the next garlic-ful dishes.

Calzone Pizza IDR 85,000
Another favourite here is the Calzone Pizza. When it came, it was SO huge! But as the crew helped to slice it to pieces, the calzone deflated like a punctured baloon. The calzone was yummy eaten on its own (it's got delish cheese and mushroom stuffing). But what's the point if I don't eat it with the sweet garlic sauce? My verdict for the calzone & sweet garlic sauce duo? Highly recommended!

Garlicpeno Pasta IDR 65,000
Last item for this post, is also another favourite here: the Garlicpeno Pasta. Be warned, it's VERY hot, with 3 chillies (the maximum) to indicate the hotness level. The fried garlic shavings covered the entire plate and unfortunately I only snapped photos of it still untouched, so you can't see the spaghetti in this picture :( Taste wise: it's very spicy! I had one forkful and had to give up before I started having runny nose and watery eyes haha. Apart from the chilli, I could still tell that the pasta was well done. Cooked al dente and perfect seasoning (aglio olio of course).

Mad for Garlic
- Indonesia: Grand Indonesia Shopping Town |West Mall Ground Floor #20A | Ph: +62 21 23581076
- Singapore: Suntec City Mall #01-039 | 3 Temasek Boulevard | Ph: +65 63331507
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