Zenbu House of Mozaru

Zenbu House of Mozaru is famed for the "Mozarus", (probably) a Japanese adaptation for the word 'mozzarella', a primary ingredient for its baked rice (like the Italian risottos). I've tried the mozarus and okonomiyaki (Japanese savoury pancake with mixed vegetables and meat) in my previous visits. And my verdict? Recommended! :)

FYI: they don't charge for the ocha (green tea), isn't it great? So, without prolonging the suspense, here comes the feast:
Sashimi Salmon Special IDR 40.000
Unagidon IDR 60.000
Teriyaki Burger Rice IDR 40.000
Hmm, love the teriyaki burger! It's so tender & savoury, simply goes well with the warm sticky rice! Highly addictive, wished the burger came in more generous serving haha...

Fruit Tempura with Ogura Ice Cream IDR 20.000
This dessert was the highlight of this feast: Fruit Tempura with Ogura Ice Cream. The fried fruit cubes were either pineapple, melon or papaya. The piping-hot fritters melted the red bean ice cream and I can attest that one scoop of these surely would not be enough!

Zenbu House of Mozaru
- Plaza Indonesia Extension | 5th Floor | Ph: +62 21 29923648
- Jl. Muara Karang Barat G6 No. 34 | Ph: +62 21 6678020
- Kota Kasablanka | Kuningan | Level UG
Bandung: Paris Van Java | Ground Floor #B59 | Ph: Ph: +62 22 82063506
Jambi: Mall WTC Batanghari | Level 1 #D22-28 | JL. Sultan Taha No. 15 | Ph: +62 741 783 7008


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