Located just downstairs of Oakwood Premier Cozmo (a 5star serviced-apartments in Lingkar Mega Kuningan), Loewy is more than just a place to chill, it is also a great place to dine in! My last two visits commenced at totally different times: once on a Friday, late evening and the other was on Sunday, almost dinner time. 

On Friday evenings, the place would be packed almost to the point of claustrophobic. The patrons were a mixture of locals and expats who were either chilling to celebrate TGIF or socialites flashing their enviable assets and accessories that looked too loud just for having a late supper. Obviously these folks were going to hit one of the popular clubs in town that’s located just nearby.

On my second visit, Loewy seemed and felt much more chic than what I remembered from the first time. The loud, cigarette-smoking and gaudily-dressed patrons were replaced by the more sophisticated-looking and notebook-toting diners enjoying their coffee. It had just stopped raining sometime before we arrived, so the weather was cool enough for us to sit at the semi outdoor area. The music outside was not as loud as inside either, so you can chat comfortably with your companion. You are certainly pardoned if you forget that you’re actually still in Jakarta, because the ambiance here is reminiscent of that at the street-side bistros like the ones you see in the movies.

Loewy offers rather interesting mixture of cocktails like the one I had, the Tiramisu Martini. It was described to contain mascarpone cheese and that sounds just too peculiar to miss! And voila! The booze came with 3 strawberries skewered on a stick. As I couldn’t wait to take a sip after taking the photo, this picture regrettably ended up looking substandard. I suspect they had mistaken my order, because I could tell there’s nutty taste and scent in it (just like the description of another drink that I had contemplated earlier). But oh well, this liquid was still a treat to my sweet tooth, so I didn’t kick any fuss haha.

I had the rarest opportunity to watch a kiwi drinking kiwi with ginger bits cocktail! I took an itsy bitsy sip and in my opinion this concoction hit just the right balance of zest and spiciness.

Food wise, Loewy promotes itself as a French restaurant, but there are pastas and Asian fares on the menu as well. I hit the jackpot this time: the Homestyle Chicken Pot Pie with a puff pastry topping! The crispy puff pastry softened where the brown sauce drenched it. Upon slicing my knife through, I could see the mushroom coulis oozing out. Every single slice was oh-so-tantalizing!

Homestyle Chicken Pot Pie with puff pastry topping
I love the fries that came with the Steak Sandwich au Jus! The waiter gave me such generous dollop of tartar sauce upon my request. The steak sandwich was nothing like kiwi’s imagination at all, but I could tell from the tiny slice I had, that it tasted good nonetheless.

Oh, when I saw the dessert on the specials menu list, I immediately stopped looking at everything else and set my mind on the Chocolate Valrhona cake. The chocolate ice cream is to die for! Eat it with the chocolate cake that's still piping hot and top it off with some generous vla sauce and voila, c'est magnifique!

For the tastebuds-tantalizing food & beverage, as well as unique dining experience, Loewy earns 4.5 out of 5.  I would certainly love to try the breakfast menu here. =)

Loewy Jakarta
Oakwood Premier Cozmo | Lingkar Mega Kuningan | Ph: (021) 2554 2378

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday 11am - 1pm | Saturday - Sunday 11am - 2 am | Public Holidays - 11am - 12pm


  1. looks like a worth-trying place! and i noticed you got invited by Starbucks too? too bad I can't come, I'll be waiting for ur review then! :)

  2. Yes Irene, you should totally try out Loewy. Do come on Sunday before the sunset, as I think it's the best time to visit. It's not too packed so the waiters can pay attend to you better. In fact on my last visit, the waiters kept dropping (4 times in total!) by my table to ask for our feedback about the food. I was totally amused! Maybe they noticed I was taking photos so they wanted to make sure that I won't use the photos to bitch about Loewy...haha
    You're familiar with Melbourne too right? So I'd be keen to hear your say, if you think this place reminds you of the laidback street side bistros overseas. =)

  3. And yes, I didn't expect to be invited to Starbucks' Holiday Media Gathering today. So I'm absolutely thrilled. We'll definitely miss you today at the gathering, I wish you could join us =(

  4. thanks for the suggestions! :D
    well actually i haven't been to Melbourne, i stayed a while in Sydney hehe.
    i was so thrilled too! so unlucky there's smth i hve to attend tonite. i'm sure you'll have fun!



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