Martabak Pecenongan 65A Bandung Asli

If you're craving for a sinful supper, why not indulge yourself in this legendary pancake (or what we Indonesians dearly call 'martabak') in Jalan Pecenongan? In the evenings, the whole street is always bustling with food vendors, hence the name "Wisata Kuliner Pecenongan". There are a few martabak vendors on this street alone, so you have to keep your eyes open to find the right stall: Martabak Pecenongan 65A Bandung Asli
1/2 Coklat Kacang & 1/2 Keju Martabak IDR 60.000
Besides maintaining its quality & flavour for over 40 years since it first opened, my favourite stall now uses more attractive & informative packaging. They even have Facebook, Twitter, email & SMS line to accomodate your critiques or suggestions and also a scannable QR Code via which we can find its menu online! For a makeshift stall that's 40 years old, keeping up with modern communication technology is a requisite to stay ahead of the pack.

When I arrived around 9.15pm, there were people queuing already, as you can see in the photo. Take note that the SOP (standard operation procedure) here is to spread extremely generous slab of butter, inside & outside the pancake! So if you want to cut your indulgence guilt by a fraction, remember to request for less butter. =)

With so many permutations of fillings offered (eg: Chocolate, cheese, raisin, banana, peanut, cashew nut, sesame, etc), you'll be spoilt for choice! Lucky they 2 in 1 pancake for the most popular fillings, like what I ordered: 1/2 Choco-Peanut & 1/2 Cheese. I've previously tried it's 'martabak telur' (aka: the fried savoury pancake) with mushroom & chicken filling, it was equally addictive!
A slice of Choco-Peanut martabak
My verdict: There's a reason why this stall thrives after such a long time, aren't you just curious to find out why? =)

Martabak Pecenongan 65A Bandung Asli
JL. Pecenongan Raya No. 65A
Jakarta Pusat 10120
Ph: (021) 3504081
Open hours: 18.00 - 24.00


  1. I loveeeeee this one! you got me drooling over it in the middle of the night. I add you to my blog list :) Salam kenal yahh ^^

  2. Looks devilishly good! guess I gotta try this one!

    1. you should ren..i already found 1 new martabak spotted..will post to my blog soon

  3. Hi Fooshionista! Yup, this martabak is very suitable to make as supper...And it's my honour to make it on your list!! Thank you ya...Will add yours on mine too =)

  4. Hi Irene! Indeed, this stall is worth a shot =)

  5. THIS is the pinnacle of martabak manis. I remembered one night when my fellows and I bought a "setengah cokelat kacang stengah keju + whisman" martabak, intentionally for our supper. But the aroma was soooo enticing til we had no choice but to stop by the street and got the whole martabak finished in a whim. LOL!

  6. Hi Abraham! Exactly, the aroma is just devillish, right? It's as if beckoning unsuspecting passersby (like us) and compell us to buy. But we all surrender to the temptation without any regrets =P

  7. My favorite and a must every time I go back to Jakarta. Salivates looking at the photos!!! Nom nom nom!



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