XXI Lounge @Plaza Senayan

Clear & InStyle Indonesia organized Fabulous Night with Ello that took place at XXI Lounge Plaza Senayan. It was a night to remember for most of the Venusian guests, as we got to feast on our eyes on the charming crooner, treat our ears to his melodious songs PLUS satiate our taste buds with the food that was served by XXI Lounge.

I didn't expect XXI Lounge to serve a full-course meal (for the price we paid and for the fact that XXI is an established as a movie theater, not a restaurant). Even less so, such delectable & rather good-looking cuisine! But apparently, it has performed beyond expectation and I decided that I should share such a good place to eat with all of you =) For starters, we were each served with a slice of French Baguette and a block of butter. What came next were drool-worthy, as you can see in the following photos:
In-House Salad
Cream of Mushroom Soup
Grilled Norwegian Salmon
Chicken Coriander Bleu with asparagus & cheesy mashed potato
Sliced Rock Melon & Red Bean Ice Cream
I actually wasn't feeling quite hungry after the Iced Chocolate I had from Ya Kun Kaya Toast before having the full-course sitting dinner. XXI Lounge markets itself as a venue to hold private functions, replete with a huge screen and long tables and a stage, that has capacity of holding approx 100pax (my rough estimation). All being said, I look forward to attending another Fabulous Nights to come by InStyle Indonesia =)

Plaza Senayan XXI
Level P5
JL. Asia Afrika
Ph: +62 21 5725535


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