Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant

Our food escapade continues to its next destination: Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant for a hearty & healthy dim sum. Some fast facts:
  • Located at the far & top-most end of Grand Indonesia East Mall, right above Paulaner Brauhaus.
  • NO credit card promotion as of the day of our last visit (31 August 2011)
  • Private rooms available (not sure if there's minimum spending required, feel free to enquire the helpful staff)
  • Regularly voted as Indonesia's Best Restaurants by Indonesia Tatler since 2009
Upon entering the labyrinthine restaurant, the most striking feature of this place is the elaborate attention to the interior design. Caution, you might get lost inside if unguided, or are very bad with bearings LOL. My descriptions simply won't do this place any justice, so I shall just let the photos do the talking:

Food wise, here are some of the items we ordered:
Clockwise from top left: Cong Fun with Kerapu Fish Fillet; Fried Herring Fish; Prawn Ha Kao; Fried Radish Cake
Prawn Siomay
Lor Ma Kai
And, nothing like wrapping up a hearty meal with dessert! Simply delish...
Fried Glutinous Ball With Green Tea-Walnut Paste Filling

Gui Lin Gao Jelly served with Honey (served cold)
Cream of Almond with Black Sesame Mochi (served hot)
Cream of Mango and Pomelo Bits (served cold)
The highlight of my meal was the mochi ball floating in the Cream of Almond Soup! When my teeth sank through its chewy layer, the black sesame paste came oozing out. It tasted really great, I reckon they roasted the black sesame before making it into paste. Caution: highly ADDICTIVE!

Apologize for the lack of price information, I lost the receipt...But for certain this costs a (well-spent) fortune =) So, overall the dim sum at Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant earns 3.5 out of 5, way to go!

Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant
Grand Indonesia East Mall Unit #EM-UG-33A
Ph: (021) 2358 0768


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