Taiyo Sushi

Alas! A proper restaurant review from moi, replete with aesthetically pleasing pictures!
Some FYIs about Taiyo Sushi:
·         They offer 30% discount off the new items on the menu, just ask the waiter which are the new ones.
·         Location wise, it was easy to find & they’ve parking space for at least 6 cars right outside.
·         No credit card promotion, as of the day of our visit (29 August 2011)
We reached there around 3pm and weren’t that surprised to find only a few tables occupied, especially it's the eve of Lebaran. In general, the décor is minimalistic & clean, accentuated with with dark colours, as you can see in the following photo taken from where we sat.
Clean & Minimalistic Interior
Without further ado, here are the foods that we ordered:
Beef Mozzarella Roll (6 pcs) IDR 47.000
Salmon Sashimi (5 slices) - IDR 32.000
Jo Unagi Roll (8 pcs) IDR 68.000
& Chuka Kuraage Gunkan (2 pcs) IDR 10.000
Fried Chicken Karaage (5 pcs) IDR 32.000
Browsing through the menu, I notice that the food aren't as pricey as Sushi Tei, even though the varieties are not as extensive. One thing that caught my attention was the Chocolate Roll (Yeah, it's sushi, with strawberry & chocolate topping!). Very interesting, but too bad I didn't have much space left in my stomach. Will save this one for my next visit.
Unfortunately, as a selective food connoisseur, I only tried 3 out of the 5 dishes above:
  • Jo Unagi Roll - I passed the unagi to my cousin (Oching! LOL) and only ate the rice roll beneath. :p It tasted good, with crab stick & cucumber. The crispy bits in the middle gave a pleasant surprise to the otherwise boring roll.
  • Beef Mozzarella Roll - this item is a MUST TRY! I repeat: MUST TRY. The beef wrapping the rice is of perfect thickness, grilled with sweet soya fragrant sauce, resulting in very fragrant BBQ-ey scent. If you notice the black spots on the rice, it's actually burnt rice, which gives an extra kick to the roll. Unfortunately, the cheese was drowned among the busy ensemble.
  • Fried Chicken Karaage - Taiyo's version is pretty ordinary. It's fried chicken, who doesn't like it? :D
So, done with main course, on with the dessert, shall we?

Tempura Macha (3pcs) IDR 24.000
As I was browsing the dessert page, I saw the word tempura there and was intrigued by the concept. Tempura for main course is boring, but for dessert? Interesting! After all, how terrible can the worst-made dessert be? Although I can't say the same for others, for I'm a sweet-tooth, which means I've very high tolerance. But this tempura macha turned out MACHAvelous! The tempura skin wasn't dripping with oil, (which was good, of course) and the macha ice cream is slightly more on the sweet end, but the green tea scent is strong & fragrant. The crunchy almond bits, raisins & strawberry cubes served as colourful toppings & added tangy zing to the whole thing.

Shiratama Ogura IDR 24.000
The Shiratama Ogura was practically the same as the one above, minus the tempura skin, plus the white balls. I imagined the white balls to be akin to those Japanese mochi, oozing with rich red bean paste. To my dismay, it was nothing like I thought, in fact these ones are flour-y and not well done at all.

Drinks wise, they have mocktails, fruit juice and other drinks, all 3 of us ordered the Japanese green tea (free flow) which is priced at IDR 8.000.

For the yummy Beef Mozzarella Roll & Tempura Macha, I shall rate Taiyo Sushi 3 out of 5. Ittadakimasu!

Taiyo Sushi
JL. Pluit Putera Raya No. 17
North Jakarta
Ph: (021) 6693675 / 6631652


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